Cryos Plus Love Makes a Family

We support women and couples struggling with infertility, LGBTQ+ couples, single mothers by choice, older women, and everyone else on their alternative path to parenthood. Cryos knows that love is what makes a family and we help loving families create babies through home insemination or clinic treatments such as IUI or IVF.

Providing Donor Gametes for Over 30 Years!

Cryos USA – International Sperm and Egg Bank believes that everyone should have the opportunity to create the family of their dreams using donor sperm, donor eggs or a combination of both through our embryo creation program (through select clinics) to achieve their path to parenthood.

Always Free Donor Search for Our Customers

We are here to help you find your perfect sperm donor or egg donor. We have hundreds of frozen donor sperm and frozen donor eggs to choose from with a wide variety of races, ethnicities, and phenotypes, which are all free to search and view. Even our extended donor profiles are free of charge, allowing you to view sperm and egg donor’s baby photos, adult photos, medical history, family history and much more. Just click “Donor Sperm” or “Donor Eggs” to start your journey.

We are Looking for New Sperm Donors and Egg Donors

Cryos is grateful to all its’ amazing sperm and egg donors who have chosen to help individuals and couples who are unable to have the children they desire. If you want to help others, live within an hour’s drive of our Orlando, FL facility, and want to learn more about the process of becoming a sperm donor or egg donor, please click the “Become a Donor” tab above.

Helping our IVF Clinics and Their Patients Become Parents

We also have an extensive network of referral clinics that we work with and provide training on our egg warming procedures to. Cryos also includes a “One Blastocyst Guarantee” and other benefits for our referral clinic’s IVF patients. If you would like to become a referral clinic, click “For Clinics” to learn more.

Our Egg Bank Helps Many Achieve the Dream of Children

Cryos has been cryopreserving gametes for over 30 years. It is our goal to help people make their dreams of a family come true. Our egg bank, launched in 2015, has been able to help even more people by assisting those who need donor eggs to have children. Contact our Client Services department today for more information about how Cryos can help you have the child of your dreams.