About Cryos

Read about the history of Cryos, learn our vision, mission and values... in short, get to know who we are and our history.


To help childless make their dream come true.


To provide high quality human sperm and eggs from selected and screened donors of all ethnicities and phenotypes.


Our values express our beliefs and culture. They outline the foundation for how we work in order to achieve our vision and mission. Furthermore, they define how we operate in relation to our clients, donors, and other interest groups, such as legislators and journalists.

Help & Care is to...
  • make our services easily accessible
  • help our donors and clients through the decision process      
  • care about our donors’ and clients’ needs and wishes
Safety & Professionalism is to...
  • ensure high standards of quality and safety
  • have an honest and thorough business approach
  • focus on documented and traceable procedures
Innovation & Development is to...
  • allocate resources for innovation
  • seek new challenges with an open mind
  • cooperate and network internationally
Ethics & Responsibility is to...
  • believe in the donors’ and clients’ right to choose
  • protect the anonymity of the donors and clients
  • analyze and clarify ethical issues

Cryos' goals

It is Cryos' aim to ensure a wide selection of high quality donor sperm and eggs from all races and ethnicities, like ensuring the highest level of service always has been a hallmark of Cryos. Furthermore, we will continue to carry out safe deposit for patients and finally maintain and develop our professional knowledge and know-how in the field. 

The Cryos' policy is to support scientific research and development related to sperm, eggs and infertility.

Cryos History Timeline