Become a Sperm Donor

As a sperm donor, you are helping other people to achieve what may be their greatest wish in life.

Most people share the dream of having children. For many, however, this cannot be achieved without help.

  • We are looking for physically and mentally normal, healthy men of all races and nationalities, between the ages of 18 and 41.
  • You can choose to become either an Anonymous or Non-Anonymous donor.
  • Non-Anonymous donor applicants under 25, can only become sperm donors following special medical approval.

Looking for the Following Sperm Donors:

We are looking for all types of sperm donors over 5’9” tall, but particularly Non-Anonymous donors (this means the child is allowed to know the identity once they turn 18). We are also looking for sperm donors from all races, ethnic groups and nationalities.

Even if you do not belong to one of the above groups, you are welcome to send an Online Sperm Donor Application.