Become a Sperm Donor

Many people are able to achieve their dream of conceiving children through use of donor sperm, making sperm donation one of the most generous things a man can do.

As a sperm donor, you are giving others the chance to experience the joy of having a child. Heterosexual couples facing fertility issues, single women and women in a same-sex relationships all seeking a child turn to sperm donation as a way to make their dreams come true.

Sperm donors should primarily be driven by the knowledge that they are helping families and changing lives.  However, sperm donors are compensated for their time and effort.

Why Become a Sperm Donor?

  • To help people less fortunate than yourself by providing a true gift of life
  • Knowing someone with fertility problems and seeing first-hand what a difference you can make
  • Having children of your own and wanting to help others experience the joy
  • Not being ready to have a family of your own but wanting to help others
  • Finding the idea of passing on your genes important
  • Receiving financial compensation
  • Receiving a comprehensive health evaluation, including genetic screening and infectious disease testing with a complete physical every six months (every time a ‘batch’ is closed and released)

Basic Requirements:

  • Donors of all ethnicities, races and nationalities are encouraged to apply
  • 5’7” tall for most donors (5’4” for donors of Asian or Peruvian descent)
  • Between the ages of 18 and 44
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • College-educated professional, student pursuing a degree or certificate beyond high school, or in a successful, long-term career (i.e. Civil Service, Trade Specialty)
  • Live approximately within a one-hour drive of our Orlando facility
  • Be willing to commit to a minimum of one visit per week for a minimum of 90 days

Learn more about How to Become a Sperm Donor. Or if you meet the above basic requirements, you are welcome to send an Online Sperm Donor Application.

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