Your Compensation

As a sperm donor, you will be compensated for your services. We call it compensation, as it is not payment for use of your sperm, but rather for your time and effort.

Much of the reward of being a sperm donor lies in the joy of helping others. In this case it is about providing one of life’s greatest gifts. Read the Thank you Letters From Parents.

However, payment is a form of financial compensation for your time and trouble.

The Compensation Depends on Your Sperm Quality and Volume

Cryos pays an amount calculated on the basis of your sperm quality and volume together with certain bonus amounts. Therefore, the amount you are paid will vary. You are free to direct any specific questions regarding compensation directly to us. Compensation is paid by check and is anonymous.

Donors are required to pay taxes on the amount earned from Cryos and you will receive a 1099. It is the donors responsibility to do so.

Bonuses are Paid to Sperm Donors Who are in Particular Demand

ID Release (formerly Non-anonymous) sperm donors with an Extended profile are paid extra. Read more here:

Payment Schedule

Donors will receive a nominal gift card each time a donation is made. Additionally, the compensation earned for making the donations is paid in two installments provided that all requirements have been met.

When a batch (10 deposits) is closed, 50% of the earned compensation will be paid. After six months in quarantine, the sperm donor is called in for a brief medical examination. When all the test results have been obtained and provided they are normal, the quarantine is lifted, the sperm samples are released from quarantine, and the 50% balance due will be paid.

In the event that issues arise during the donation process that result in the sperm or the sperm donor being rejected, the donor automatically forfeits all pending compensation.