Extended Profile

As an egg donor, you must fill out an Extended Profile. This applies regardless of whether you choose to be an ID Release (formerly Non-Anonymous) or a Non-ID (formerly Anonymous) Release donor.

The extended profile consists of additional details including background, physical characteristics, education, profession, personality, health and family history, childhood and adult photos, handwritten greeting, voice sample, staff impression, and EQ tests. The extended profile is to be completed after you have been approved as a donor.

You should include childhood photos (and adult photos if you choose) and a handwritten greeting with your application. The childhood photos will preferably be from when you were between nine and twelve months old. Later photos are also acceptable but only up to and including ten years of age. We will record an audio file of you reading your handwritten greeting and then we will write a staff impression, which is a brief subjective description of you, written by a staff member at your Cryos department.

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