ID Release or Non-ID Release Egg Donor

One of your decisions as a donor is if you want to be an ID Release (formerly Non-Anonymous) or a Non-ID Release (formerly Anonymous) egg donor.

Non-ID Release

If you choose to become a Non-ID Release egg donor, no one can ever demand that Cryos disclose your identity. Neither parents, children, relatives, authorities nor others may obtain your identity from Cryos. However, Cryos is obligated by law to keep a record of your identity for 30 years starting from your last donation. 

ID Release

If you choose to become an ID Release egg donor, children can get identifying information about the donor upon reaching 18 years of age. They must be able to document or provide evidence to support the probability that they are the result of a treatment with donor eggs from a specific, ID Release egg donor from Cryos. In other words, you may be contacted at some future time by children conceived using your eggs.
Clinics or authorities in those countries that only allow ID Release egg donors, e.g. the UK, Australia, and Finland normally demand to get identifying information about the donor. Parents or others do not have access to this data.
ID Release egg donors under the age of 25 must pass an emotional maturity evaluation during the clinical examination to ensure candidate suitability.

Your decision to become either an ID Release or a Non-ID Release egg donor is final and irrevocable. In other words, it cannot be changed.

The definitions; ID Release and Non-ID Release do not mean that you are not identifiable. As donor eggs carry DNA, there is always a risk that you, recipients and future children can be traced via DNA-analysis and maybe otherwise making the privacy more questionable in the future

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