Your Compensation

As an egg donor, you will be compensated for your inconvenience and transportation. As such, it is not payment for the use of your eggs.

Much of the reward of being an egg donor lies in the joy of helping others. In this case, it is about helping the childless make their dream come true.

Payment Schedule

The compensation earned for making the donations is paid in two installments. The first installment is paid once the stimulation medications are started, while the second installment is paid on the day of the actual retrieval of the eggs.

You are free to contact us with any specific questions regarding compensation. Compensation is paid by check and is anonymous.

Donors are required to pay taxes on the amount earned from Cryos and you will receive a 1099. It is the donor’s responsibility to do so.

In the event that issues arise during the donation process that result in the eggs or the egg donor being rejected, the donor automatically forfeits all pending compensation.

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