Donor Eggs

The first child born using donor eggs was reported in Australia in 1983. Since then many have used donor eggs with great success.

Since the first human donor egg pregnancy, there have been many advancements in assisted reproductive technologies. The ability to use frozen donor eggs instead of fresh donor eggs is one such advancement.

Frozen donor eggs have made it easier to move forward with a donor egg pregnancy procedure.

You can browse our egg donor database or start by learning more about the types of donors, what data is available in our extended profiles and the difference between ID Release (formerly Non-Anonymous) and Non-ID Release (formerly Anonymous) profiles. All this information is available on The Egg Donors page.

All egg donors are extensively screened and go through a rigorous selection process. The Egg Donor Screening page provides information about the recruitment process, tests and assessments conducted.

Before placing your order, it is a good idea to learn more about your options. You will need to decide which type of donor to choose, how many donor eggs to order and when to order. All the information you will need is available on the page about ordering donor eggs.

If you are not quite ready to order, you can ensure that the donor eggs you have selected are available at a later date and our donor egg reservation page will help you assess whether to reserve donor eggs and how many eggs to reserve.

Price examples for donor eggs, reservation, delivery as well as the forms of payment accepted are available on the donor egg cost page.

Cryos USA collaborates with Prosper Healthcare Lending to facilitate Donor Egg Financing and Payment.

Frozen donor eggs are transported in liquid nitrogen tanks directly to your clinic. All the information you need including prices, documents that accompany donor egg shipments, terms of delivery and what information we require are all available on the Delivery of donor eggs page. If you are unclear on any of the details, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

The Frequently asked questions page also has a lot of useful information and answers a lot of the questions we have received from others on the same journey.