Donor Eggs

The Egg Donors

Here you can find information on our types of donors, available data on egg donors, the choice between Anonymous and Non-Anonymous donors, etc.

Egg Donor Screening

Here you can find information about how the donors are selected and screened

Ordering Donor Eggs

Here you can get help to decide which type of egg donor to choose, how many eggs to order, and when to order.

Donor Egg Reservation

Here you can get help to assess whether to reserve donor eggs and how many eggs to reserve.

Donor Egg Prices

Here you can find price examples for donor eggs as well as reservation prices and delivery, with accepted forms of payment.

Dornor Egg Financing & Payment

Here you can find information about our cooperation with Prosper Healthcare Lending and read about the benefits you’ll receive with a loan. 

Delivery of Donor Eggs

Here you can get information on nitrogen tanks, delivery time and documents that accompany the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find many more relevant questions and answers.

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