Donor Egg Reservation

Should you reserve immediately or risk waiting? Once you have found your favorite egg donor, you’ll want to ensure that this donor’s inventory does not become sold out before you have placed your order and commenced treatment. You will also want to consider eggs for more children from the same egg donor.

Reasons for Reserving Donor Eggs:

  • Eggs are limited in availability
  • Ensure your donor’s availability
  • Plan for future genetic siblings
  • Cryos guarantees to repurchase reserved donor eggs in storage (75% refund of the egg price)

After You Have Given Birth with the Use of an Egg Donor

For parents who have had a child using one of our egg donors and who wish to ensure the option of having genetic siblings in future, it is even more important to reserve a sufficient number of donor eggs. If you do not make a reservation, you risk finding that the egg donor is sold out. The benefits of using the same egg donor for future pregnancies are obvious:

  • The children will be 100% genetically related and therefore have the best chance of having similar features (given the male sperm donor being the same)
  • Not all egg donors and recipients are a biological match. If you have achieved a positive result using the selected egg donor there is every chance that you will also achieve a positive result in the future
  • The children will have each other as reference in personal identity relations

Online Reservation

How Many Donor Eggs should I Reserve?

This will depend on your individual situation. However, the more donor eggs you reserve, the greater the security. Contact Cryos or your clinic to discuss your needs.

On average, Cryos recommends a cohort of 6-8 donor eggs per treatment in order for the clinic to secure 1- 2 embryos for transfer. Pregnancy rate depends on the patient's age and condition, the clinic's experience, hormone stimulation, timing, the egg preparation method, survival rate of the eggs etc.

Reasons for Reserving More Donor Eggs 

  • If you want more treatments/children than average using the same egg donor
  • If you simply want more security. The more eggs, the greater the security.

Your Reservation

You can always manage what you have on reservation.

You can add more eggs online, order eggs for delivery and cancel eggs when you do not need any more.

We are here for you
At Cryos, we wish to support and help you on your journey to parenthood. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further information.