Egg Donor Screening

All donors and straws have been selected and screened according to Cryos International’s extensive quality assurance, operational procedures as well as policies for donor recruitment, assessment and screening.

All straws which meet a certain Cryos Standard also meet the specific requirements in force at the time of donation, regarding screening, age and anonymity. Read more about Standards under FAQ. 

Donor candidates complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire and participate in an interview with set questions aimed at rejecting candidates with risk behaviour and symptoms of disease.

In addition to this, a thorough physical examination of the candidate is carried out, and blood and urine samples are tested for a number of hereditary and infectious diseases according to legal requirements at the time of registration for the Standard in question. Candidates with a family history of serious hereditary mental and physical diseases are rejected. Furthermore, the donors are screened for normal karyotype.

Finally, a health assessment is conducted prior to approving the candidate. Approved donors are tested for infectious diseases on an ongoing basis for the full duration of the donation period.

Despite this thorough selection and screening procedure, the risk of having a child with a medical condition cannot be eliminated. A Summary of Records, containing test results and Standard release information, is attached to the order confirmation as well as included in all shipments. The Summary of Records is subject to change over time.