Ordering Donor Eggs

Before ordering donor eggs, you must choose your favorite donor. You may have other questions relating to quality, quantity to order and whether to reserve for later use. Use the guide below to help you through the decisions you need to make before ordering.

1. Which Egg Donor Type and Profile?

  • ID Release (formerly Non-Anonymous) + Extended profile
  • Non-ID Release (formerly Anonymous) + Extended profile

You can read more about egg donor types at The Egg Donors.

2. How do I Save My Favorites? 

Now you have to find your favorite egg donor.

You can choose your favorite egg donors by selecting the checkmark box “Add to favorites” after seeing the donor details. When carrying out subsequent searches, you choose to keep only your favorite egg donors by checking off “Only show favorites”.

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3. How Many Donor Eggs are Required?

Cryos does not require you purchase a specific number of eggs. That decision should be made by you and your clinic. However, published estimates indicate that 6-8 frozen eggs are the optimal number to produce 1 - 2 good quality embryo to transfer.

4. Can I Purchase Donor Eggs for Future Use?

When you order donor eggs, you can choose to purchase for immediate delivery or reserve (purchase for future delivery), which Cryos can then store for you. This ensures that the donor eggs are available for possible delivery and treatment at a later date. If you want to be sure of receiving eggs from your favorite egg donor, you should reserve now, not just for one treatment, but for all treatments as well as for future siblings. Do not run the risk of your egg donor being sold out.                       

5. When Should I Place My Order?

You should place your order as soon as possible and at least 2 days before the desired shipping date. You select the shipping date when ordering online.

Shipping time and date should be coordinated with your treating clinic. Some receive shipments on specific dates and there are different lead time requirements. Donor eggs are delivered to the clinic in a nitrogen tank.

6. Do You Coordinate with My Clinic?

If your clinic is not already part of the Cryos network, registration is easy. To get started, select your donor and place an order. Then, you will put your clinic's information in the ship to address, and our proprietary system will link the order with the clinic profile. On your first order, a client service associate will contact the clinic to complete the registration process and delivery details. 

To qualify for Cryos’ egg survival guarantee, the frozen donor eggs must be shipped to a Cryos’ clinic who has been trained in Cryos’ protocols and procedures.

Read more under Delivery of Donor Eggs

8. How do I Place an Order?

Begin your online order here: Donor Search

See also our Terms of Agreement

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