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Cryos has 30 years of experience in gamete cryopreservation and donor screening, with an extensive network of cooperating clinics, hospitals and researchers worldwide. Through this cooperation, Cryos’ medical, laboratory and client service staff continuously strive to improve professional knowledge within the field.  This has over the years enabled the Cryos network to reach the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world. Providing world-class client service is our primary focus.

Cryos supplies donor sperm and eggs meeting the quality standards and requirements for your clinic.  To get started with us, read about registering as a cooperating clinic, or learn more about reference clinic benefits and requirements. 

Existing clinics, please log in to order or reserve donor sperm or donor eggs, report statistics, register pregnancies, and check the sperm and egg donor pregnancy quotas. 

Fully Licensed

Cryos is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and various state health departments as a licensed tissue center, is registered as an office surgery center by the State of Florida Board of Medicine and adheres to ASRM and AATB guidelines.

Our Donors

All donors are either Anonymous or Non-anonymous.  Sperm donors have Basic or Extended profiles, all Egg donors have Extended profiles.

Donors are selected and screened in accordance with applicable national and international rules as well as the internal policies applicable at Cryos at the time of acceptance. The selection criteria is comprised of a wide range of aspects in terms of age, risk behavior and medical history of the donor candidate.

After completing a comprehensive medical questionnaire, donor candidates participate in an interview with set questions aimed at rejecting candidates with risk behavior and symptoms of disease.

In addition to this, a thorough medical examination and psychological evaluation of the candidate is carried out by our internal health practitioner, and blood and urine samples are tested for a large number of hereditary and infectious diseases. Candidates with a family history of serious hereditary mental and physical diseases are rejected.

Registering to Participate in the Cryos Network

All clinics must register to become a cooperating clinic in the Cryos network for their patients to be able to order donor sperm and eggs from the Cryos website.  Cryos also offers the opportunity for select clinics to participate as a reference clinic for our donor egg bank. 

To get started, simply refer your patients to our website.  Here, your patient can view all donor profiles at no cost.  Once a donor has been selected, the patient will place an order to put the donor sperm or eggs in reservation, and will put your clinic information in the ship to address.  Our proprietary system then links the order with your clinic profile. 

Clinics sometimes prefer for patients to pay Cryos directly and the clinic bill for treatment services only.  Other clinics will include the cost of eggs from Cryos in their overall fees and their patients pay nothing to Cryos. Either way, we will work closely with your clinic to make it very easy for you and your patient to purchase donor eggs.  Cryos’ Client Service department is available to assist you with availability of donor eggs and straws.  On your clinics first order, a client service associate will contact you to complete the registration process.

Cooperating Clinic

As a cooperating clinic, there are many benefits for you and your patient.  Registering as a cooperating clinic is as easy as creating a log in and providing basic clinic information. Some of the benefits Cryos offers for you and your patient include:

  • World’s largest selection of sperm donors
  • Rapidly growing selection of egg donors
  • Sperm and egg quality to meet your clinic requirements
  • Easy online ordering and payment
  • No cost to your clinic
  • Customer service infrastructure that has been honed for almost 30 years
  • Technical support
  • Sealed, safe and fast delivery by courier in a dry Ice package or in a nitrogen tank
  • Reduced staffing cost
  • No regulatory worries
  • No donor recruiting
  • 30 years in the donor gamete industry
  • Training available

When purchasing frozen donor eggs, cooperating clinics are not required to receive training and may use their own experience and protocols.  However, when cooperating clinics elect to be trained in Cryos’ protocols with frozen donor eggs, their patients receive Cryos’ egg survival guarantee. Read more about our training

Reference Clinic

Cryos offers the opportunity for select clinics to participate in our network as a reference clinic for our donor egg bank and receive many clinic and patient benefits.  Some of those benefits include preferred pricing, paid training for your embryologists, and Cryos’ egg survival guarantee for your patients. 

Cryos’ reference clinics receive free training in the use and implementation of Cryos’ proven laboratory and clinical protocols and are required to sign a non-exclusive Memorandum of Agreement. Additionally, reference clinics will refer patients to Cryos as an option for frozen donor eggs, agree to follow our warming protocols, and report warming, embryology and pregnancy data.


  • Preferred clinic pricing
  • Website listing your clinic as a trained reference clinic
  • Cryos’ egg survival guarantee
  • Eggs in inventory are immediately available
  • Brochures and marketing materials provided for your clients
  • Consultation with experts in complex cases
  • Less unnecessary financial costs and liability
  • Paid training in our protocols and warming methods
  • Benefit from consulting with a highly professional organization in complex cases
  • Customer referrals to your clinic through Cryos International’s marketing and promotion

Clinics wanting to register as a reference clinic will be evaluated for several factors to determine suitability. Because of the complexity of receiving, handling, and warming oocytes, it is crucial that we work only with clinics that maintain the highest success rates in their program.  Read our selection criteria for reference clinics.